About Us

Beautiful Kangaroo Island

My name is Michelle Barrett. KI Kennels & Fodder is run by myself & my husband John. John was born on Kangaroo Island and has lived here his whole life. I moved to Kangaroo Island as a teenager and have spent the majority of 35 years living here on our paradise island. We have 3 sons (aged 20-17 years old in late 2019), and we bought the existing kennel business in early 2004 when our youngest was only 18 months old. We are a family of animal lovers and have enjoyed spending time caring for our own and other animals for most of our lives. In the past we have cared for a range of animals, obviously dogs and cats but also some a little different. Fighting fish, turtles, galahs, turkeys, chickens, pet lambs or milking goats. At present we have 3 pet lambs, baby wallaby, a heap of 3 week old chickens an aviary full of budgies & quail, a pet budgie & between 6 family members 7 dogs. 

In May of 2013 while recovering from a broken ankle I decided it would be a good idea to start up a fodder store as our usual store was closing down. From that first order and slow start in a very wet winter we have grown to build our purpose made shop, and we have grown stock wise to offer many different items for sale, some are such new and exciting products that have multiple applications such as one of our newest CEN- Complete Equine Nutrition which include CEN Oil for dogs. For more information follow this link https://equinefeeds.com.au/

*EDIT starting 1st December 2019 our son's girlfriend Selina has taken on our boarding duties. Whilst we are still involved with the kennels, Selina has taken on the day to day running of kennels and caring for the dogs & cats. She is an animal lover & has experience of caring for her own animals and breeding huskies. Selina is a welcome addition to our home.

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